eth3real_an9el (eth3real_an9el) wrote in claim_nething,

Could i please claim:

Actresses- Rachel McAdams ( i have a feeling this has already been taken? but its not in teh claims list yet...)

Albums- The Cast of BtVS- Once More With Feeling

Authors- Sarah Dessen

Bands- Grinspoon

Band Members/Solo Artists- James Marsters from Ghost of the Robot

Birthdays/Dates- 13th of November 1989

Books/Comics- Gossip Girl (the series)

Book Characters/ Comic Characters- Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

Clothing- Spikes Duster Jacket

Food/Drink/Snacks- M&M’s

Miscellanous Things- Buffy’s Mr. Gordo

Movies- Cruel Intentions

Movie Characters- Sam from Life As A House

"I must be a noble vampire. A vampire with a soul." - Spike (as Randy)
"A vampire with a soul? How lame is that?" - Buffy (as Joan) Tabula Rasa

Pairings- Buffy/Spike

Places- Fremantle, Perth

Sayings- It gives me the wiggins

Scene from a Movie/Tv Show- Tabula Rasa- Goodbye To You Scene (A kiss at the Bronze)

Songs- Wonderwall By Oasis

T.V Show Episodes- Once More With Feeling- Buffy tVS

T.V Shows- Angel the series

Words- ethereal

Thank You! =) this comm dead?
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